Small businesses grow online profile with better reviews

Respond to Reviews Online

Check out Swift Notary, a Pegasus Ventures Michigan client with 47 5 star reviews who appears first almost always in a search for notaries public in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area as this blog was written in October 2018.

Answering Reviews Grows Online Presence

Like it or not people review small businesses all the time on platforms like Google. Small business owners get no choice.  Google reviews exist.

Responding to reviews helps in three ways, first, telling potential customers the small business owner takes customer feedback seriously, second, building good will with people reviewing the business and, third, discouraging bad actors.


Bad Actors Reviewing a Small Business Online

Limited tools exist to remove bad actors. Prevention works best.

Responding to bad actors on Google and Facebook review platforms best prevents these folks. Abusive people grinding some bizarre ax seeing responses discourages the behavior. They get little joy seeing great customer interactions to positive and negative reviews knowing is coming. These people prefer to make the “clever’ abusive comment without a great customer service response exposing the intended malevolence.


Show concern for all reviews as part of great customer service

Just being yourself online builds goodwill. People seeing a small business at it’s best in the face of criticism wins more business. Write a list of responses to great reviews ensuring customers saying nice things get more personalized answers.


Listens to Customers to punch up web presence

Writing this post in October 2018 few small businesses respond to online reviews especially on Google. People often see reviews on Google before going to the small business’ website. Actively responding to all reviews not only builds positive reviews it tells people the company engages with fostering even more positive reviews building overall web presence of the small business.

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