Use bigger promotions for better results

Getting into website design coming from running a window cleaning business, Pegasus Ventures owner Rob Dewey told a client flyers on mailboxes gets results.  Like ’em or not 100% of the time someone sees those flyers. Worked for window cleaning so why not pizza?

The pizzeria took the advice and in a discussion the following week shared bad news; of 100 flyers put out in the neighborhood 2 came back.

It’s small ball, folks.

Bigger numbers and consistency count.

Bigger numbers count. The same client printed up more flyers on a copy machine and made a point to hit at least two hundred homes a day.

With a manageable daily number of flyers the new pizza restaurant got about a 10% return over during the unusually warm 2006 West Michigan January. Their work continued to pay off when the cold Old Man Winter returned with a vengeance in February.

More importantly the good pizza and great service earned repeat business.


Make the offers great, forget the crazy “deal people”

Yes, we see it. The annoying person trying to save a nickel who annoys the staff and never converts to anything close to a good customer.

Stop tailoring offers to thwart these people. Make great offers to attract folks. Bringing in new customers grows the business, not terms and conditions to combat cheapskates irking someone who briefly considered stopping in only to see disclaimers.

Give people reasons to sample the business. That investment brings people in the door and the great staff, service and product takes care of the rest.




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