Using pop-ups to collect email addresses works better than business owners believe

Use pop-ups to collect email addresses and grow sales

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Pegasus Ventures Michigan tested prejudices of pop-up email requests

Webmasters avoid adding items to websites likely to annoy visitors, and long advised clients not to use pop-up windows asking for email addresses for years.

One evening a visit to a customer of the Pegasus Ventures Guest Checks website turned up a Constant Contact pop-up.

The owner said she’d never received any complaints from the pop-up requests to enter email addresses. In fact, she shared many people sign up using the pop-up on her website every month.

Pegasus Ventures Michigan began adding pop-ups to client websites starting in April 2019. So far our website clients report no complaints, and we see people adding their email addresses to the email blast lists.

Opposition to collecting emails with pop-up windows from clients

Encouraging web development clients to use email marketing, and any aspect takes some convincing for many small business owners.

Much of the concern centers on their customers getting lots of emails and other requests.

The experience shows the reverse is true. Customers want to learn more!

Pop-ups get more sign email list signs ups

For a new client in early 2019, the passive sign up form on the client’s footer earned 12 sign-ups in 5 months. In 5 weeks the pop-up form picked up 112 new email addresses.

Almost surprisingly, Pegasus Ventures Michigan sees this repeated, literally, for each client

Customers want information from your small business, why deny them?

It’s pretty simple, really. People want information from small businesses they visit online.

It’s one more avenue to generate sales and interest, why not give your customer the information?


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