Get the most from going viral

Facebook and website working together, going viral

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Get the most from going viral on a business Facebook page

Pegasus Ventures Michigan wants client websites to work closely with social media platforms

A widely shared Facebook post potentially gains hundreds, even thousands, of views for a business. Preparation helps spread the word not only to gain followers but also to push Facebook users to a small business website. Pegasus Ventures Michigan uses viral content in the hopes of generating sales or, at least, giving Facebook users more information about a small business by connecting individual posts with the company’s website.


Simple best practices for small business owners using social media

Every Facebook post links to the small business website. Do you bookmark Facebook posts? Of course not. Linking to a website serves up more content increasing the chance to make a sale as users peruse pages.  Links from posts to web pages puts more content in front of the Facebook user.

Websites stay, Facebook posts disappear into the feed.

Previewing web pages sends Facebook users to the small business website. Pegasus Ventures Michigan encourages continuously growing websites with the one price, once a year with unlimited updates plan because we tell more about a business. A quick preview on Facebook gets the user interested resulting in clicks to the website.

Do it on the website. Using a website to share staff success, events, promotions and, most especially, involvement with non-profits sends Facebook users to a small business owner’s website where they learn far more about the company. At the same time it supports search engine optimization pushing the website up in search results with new content.

Tie it all together. Pushing potential customers to view content on a business website drives viral traffic to the place Facebook users get the most, and best, information about a small business. The user sees the viral content on the website giving the business a shot at  turning a viral post on Facebook into new top line sales.

Viral rarely means millions of visits and owners rarely notice

Typically, going viral means hundreds or thousands of views, not millions.  Unless monitoring website traffic in real time, few clues exist letting managers or owners know a post is going viral.

In conclusion

Just like anything it takes some work. Still, a small business really wins as it picks up more followers, and more people learn about the company.

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