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Cantina Mexican Grill

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Serving one of the best known Mexican restaurants since the Fall of 2009 customers see Version 3.0 of the Cantina Mexican Grill website. Looking for a great, family owned place to eat? Tap here to visit Cantina Mexican Grill.

Cantina Mexican Grill

It all started in 1976.  Grand Rapids knows and loves Cantina Mexican Grill as one of the best family owned Mexican Restaurants in our community. Cantina is one of those favorite places we don’t have to miss like Mr. Fables! People growing up remember Cantina as the place where their school team got together after the season. People who grew up and moved away make Cantina a “must visit” when returning back home to see mom and dad.

Pegasus Ventures Michigan won Cantina Mexican Grill on the referral of a client in the Fall of 2009 and continues to earn confidence monitoring and using social media and other tools to continuously update the restaurant’s website.

In November 2018 Pegasus Ventures Michigan launched website version 3.0. One of the first websites to go “responsive” years ago, Pegasus Ventures Michigan keeps Cantina’s web presence up to date and attractive.

The current “responsive” version of the website marries some great images, taken both by professionals and customers posting to social media, along with information to promote banquets, party platters to take out and the facilities available for business, team and family events.

Responsive means Cantina’s website works on all platforms from desktops to Ipads the website forms itself to the platform making a great presentation to anyone looking to learn more about Cantina Mexican Grill.

Pegasus Ventures Michigan regularly visits review websites like Yelp and Travel Advisor looking for images submitted to those sites sharing experiences with our customers. Adding those images to  the client’s photo library often provides more content for websites and social media platforms while also building an inventory of images Pegasus Ventures Michigan often swaps out through the year on the client’s website keeping websites fresh.

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