Search engine optimization and content depth

Case study: SEO Depth

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In a incognito search for “Grand Rapids black signs” we see the result for the sign company Sign616 also calling itself “Michigan Black Signs” along with 4 of 5 images down the page for Light Bright Signs linking back to the Light Bright Sign website.

In this image searching “Hudsonville black signs” we see 5 Light Bright Signs images appearing at the top of the page along with two links to the Pegasus Ventures Michigan client as well as a video from the Light Bright Signs YouTube channel.

Content depth and search engine optimization


Case study: Light Bright Signs in Grand Rapids, Michigan


Writing this blog post Pegasus Ventures Michigan client for over six years, Light Bright Signs in Grand Rapids, Michigan boasts an active Facebook page with more than 3,400 images of the roadside black signs the company rents throughout West Michigan and beyond.

Pegasus Ventures Michigan uses the Facebook content stream to continuously add to the search engine optimization of the client’s website.


The challenge for Light Bright Signs

How many small business owners seeing a black sign thinking it’s a great idea know what to call up searching the web? Black signs? Portable signs? Mobile signs? Neon lettered signs? So one big issue starts with what someone unfamiliar with the business knowing what to call the business.

Google’s taxonomy lacks recognition of “black signs” making Light Bright a sign shop and advertising company rather than a black sign company. By default a local competitor calling himself “Michigan Black Signs” gets more attention as the Google algorithm mistakes a generic search for a type of sign for the company using, “black sign” and the state in its name.


The content rich strategy

Web pages targeting cities and uses of Light Bright Signs

Pegasus Ventures Michigan builds pages for Light Bright Signs targeting cities served by Light Bright Signs using signs posted on on Facebook in and around those cities. With new signs, Pegasus Ventures updates these pages regularly.

Web pages specific to uses for the signs

Over the course of time Pegasus Ventures Michigan created dozens of pages dedicated to specific uses of black signs for Light Bright Signs. Pegasus Ventures Michigan continues to add to those pages as well as building new pages with captioned pictures adding words, read content, with each page.

YouTube Videos

Pegasus Ventures Michigan created a YouTube channel for Light Bright Signs. As Light Bright adds images to it’s Facebook page Pegasus Ventures Michigan saves those images in an image library sized for use in video. We then regularly use those images to quickly create videos. In November 2018 writing more than 50 videos reside on the Light Bright channel we also embed on pages of the Light Bright website.

In conclusion, when people search the web Pegasus Ventures wants to deliver with content

For Pegasus Ventures Michigan encouraging clients to regularly develop content and building that content into websites means there’s an ever growing opportunity created to deliver more people to the client to generate more sales.

In the final image to the left, a search for “black signs Holland” a city about an hour from Light Bright’s office in Wyoming returns 5 images for Light Bright Signs, a link to the Holland page on the Light Bright Sign website as well as offering Google users 3 videos two of which come from the Light Bright Signs YouTube channel.

A quick note about search. Google delivers results based on hundreds of factors. Your searching the same terms shown here very likely end up different. However, do visit the Light Bright Signs website and then search for the cities you find there and we think you’ll find quite a depth of content.

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