Google My Business

One Month’s Impact Active Google My Business

After a website redesign Pegasus Ventures Michigan covered posts for Light Bright Signs for one month. Starting from being inactive to adding posts and pictures daily let’s see the results.
From July 4, 2018 to July 31, 2018 with Google My Business generally showing numbers 3 days old we see in the graph above the number of image views over the last month. Pegasus Ventures client Light Bright Signs achieves 169% more views than competitors in its market.

Quarterly Results

As seen in the quarterly chart comparing Light Bright Signs to competitors provided by Google the active month wipes out competitors in overall Google search image views over the entire preceding quarter. It took just a month a 4 days.

Few small businesses actively use the Google My Business platform giving the active user a giant advantage just adding a picture daily to the platform gets results. Add  more pictures get even better results.

Social Media Manager

Pegasus Ventures provides this information free hoping everyone picks up the best social media practices to drive top line sales. A big part of the best social media strategy includes an active use of Google My Business. Of course, Pegasus Ventures gladly offers these services as part of our business for clients looking for some help. Click or tap here to learn more about using Pegasus Ventures as your social media manager!

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