One of the first clients, serving Cedar Springs Fence since 2005

Cedar Springs Fence

Family owned contractor in Northern Kent County serving Grand Rapids, Mid and West Michigan

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Cedar Springs Fence, a family owned business for more than 35 years, delivers amazing quality to its government, business and residential customers throughout Grand Rapids, Mid and West Michigan. 

Cedar Springs Fence Company

All the way back in 2005 Cedar Springs Fence became website customer number two for Pegasus Ventures Michigan. 

Creating solid, well organized content for contractors presents real obstacles for both the webmaster and the client.  Getting pictures for your website designer, creating a comprehensive list of products and descriptions for a website never makes for an easy task as the owner tries to keep up with installing fences across West and Mid Michigan. When your small business installs dozens of different products that task is next to impossible.

Suppliers working with smaller contractors tend to operate well behind curve of current best practices in online marketing providing little support in the way of pictures and brochures.

Competitors of Cedar Springs Fence face the same issue.  Since 2005 Pegasus Ventures has worked to put Cedar Springs Fence out front and on top with limited information.

However, three key suppliers of Cedar Springs Fence in late 2018 updated their websites with mountains of great content! Pegasus Ventures Michigan began a rebuild of the website to capture and highlight new content with what’s now become a big project for one of our oldest and favorite customers.

And since Pegasus Ventures Michigan charges one price once a year with free updating the Cedar Springs Fence website grows without additional charges for the small business owner with new pages added several times a week. The sheer volume of content means we expect to take about 6 months to fully incorporate it into the Cedar Springs Fence website.

Picking up the Facebook page starting in 2019  Pegasus Ventures Michigan adds new scheduled posts to Facebook with links to newly added pages on the website. The scheduled posts began in early February and we’ve already scheduled daily posts for most of March and May. New pages added will cover every date in April and June. By the time June rolls around Pegasus Ventures Michigan expects enough content will have been added to Facebook to cover the entire Michigan construction season with scheduled posts to Facebook automatically publishing to Facebook daily.

Facebook allows scheduling posts as much as six months ahead Pegasus Ventures keeps the content posted to Facebook and by early January of 2020 we’ll have Cedar Springs Fence covered with daily posts through the end of June. in May 2020 we’ll add scheduled posts cover the company right through the end of the construction year.

All that scheduling gets done over a two or three days, then the content just rolls itself out. Then all that’s left is for the client to add images of work they do through the course of the construction season.

Not bad for $395 a year and the updating benefits both companies. The volume of work accomplishes several things, (1) Cedar Springs Fence remains and grows its dominance in online presence in the market, (2) Competitors remain far behind in terms of content , and (3) the website becomes a massive brochure helping Pegasus Ventures Michigan continue to grow maybe even earning a customer or two who likes the work.

Both companies win.