Collecting leads and customers for a small business owner using Google Contacts

Collecting Contacts for Contractors and Small Business Owners

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Using Google Contacts sets up a foundation to turn leads into sales and jogs memories

Collecting email addresses through the work day helps build an email list for contractors and small service business owners to turn into sales for years to come.

Add email contact information as emails arrive and over time to create a foundation of leads and customers to buy services, develop referrals, and increase frequency of repeat sales as email blasts jog memories and keep the company front and center for decision makers.

Labels for Google Contacts

As a general rule most small business owners use one label for all contacts, like “Customers.”

Some prefer to use Leads and Customers moving leads as they convert to customers.  When exporting to an email blast service consider the purpose of the emails and the easiest long term work flow.

Sending emails designed to turn leads to customers works better when separated from emails sent to existing customers.

It’s another step but gives more flexibility to target specific groups over time.

Step-by-Step Tutorial to add contacts to Google Contacts

Use these step by step instructions to best use Google Contacts for your small business or contracting company. Prefer a visual tutorial, check out the video below.

There is no app for contact management, so doing it on a smartphone or on a home computer requires visiting a website.

The video below includes, first, adding contacts on a Desktop and then on a smartphone.

  1. Visit Google Contacts
  2. Make sure you have the labels you need for this contact. (i.e., customer, lead)
  3. To add new Labels tap Create Label
  4. Name the new Label and then Save
  5. Tap Create Contact
  6. Fill in the appropriate information
  7. Do not use a “label” and tap Save
  8. Click on the 3 dots to edit the Contact just created
  9. Now click the appropriate Label followed by Save



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