A newer account from 2017

daVido’s Pizza and Wings

3 restaurants owned by 2 families in suburban Atlanta, Georgia

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Serving one of the best known Mexican restaurants since December 2017 customers see Version 2.0 of the daVido’s Pizza and Wings website. Tap here to visit daVido’s Pizza and Wings

daVido’s Pizza and Wings

Many Pegasus Ventures Michigan clients come to Pegasus Ventures Michigan as a result of less than satisfactory service from a previous website designer and a referral to Pegasus Ventures for the three suburban Atlanta Georgia restaurants started just that way from, of all places a client, in Massachusetts. 

Working with the owners Pegasus Ventures Michigan stood up a new website in December 2017 in about a week which we refreshed in December 2018 with a new look.

Serving these two owners of the three restaurants really demands the best in customer service. Pegasus Ventures Michigan always wants customers to get used to calls and emails promptly answered. A major intention to build confidence, Pegasus Ventures Michigan believes strongly when clients feel heard they use more freely utilize the service even enjoying calling to run ideas and thoughts past a trusted webmaster they trust with their brand.

Pegasus Ventures Michigan regularly visits review websites like Yelp and Travel Advisor looking for images submitted to those sites sharing experiences with our customers. Adding those images to  the client’s photo library often provides more content for websites and social media platforms while also building an inventory of images Pegasus Ventures Michigan often swaps out through the year on the client’s website keeping websites fresh.