Owning your own domain name

Who owns your company’s domain name?

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When someone else controls your domain you are set up for myriad problems

Pegasus Ventures Michigan puts this issue simply before customers, if the something happens to the Pegasus Ventures Michigan nothing happens to the client’s  domain names.

The client controls the domain name, hosting and all access to the website. The locus of control rests with the client not the webmaster. 

Working with new clients, Pegasus Ventures Michigan often runs into upset newly former webmasters who make it difficult for the client to move on. Lawyer’s calling the previous company sometimes solved the problem, other times the client found themselves forced to abandon the website alltogether.

Often owners are surprised someone else owns their domain name, literally, registered in the name of a webmaster. Sadly many bad actors engaging in this practice understand from experience they legally control the website and ignore calls from lawyers.

Legally if it’s registered in someone else’s name it’s their domain name.


Webmasters can work with any platform

Sign up with any company you’d like the reputable web design and development team only needs access to the hosting account. Check with your domain registration company to find out how to give your webmaster only limited access to build and update the website.


Keep hosting with your domain name

Web designers regularly work with a domain name registered with one company and hosting at another. The thing to remember, though, controlling the hosting keeps the website fully in the small business owner’s hands.

If the owner chooses to move on to another webmaster all that’s required is to lock out the web design firm removing any ability to change any content on the website. Owning the domain name while allowing the web developer to control the hosting means the website goes down if the business chooses to move on.

Keep full control of your domain name and hosting!


Pegasus Ventures Michigan Registration and Hosting

In a partnership with GoDaddy and WildWest Domains, Pegasus Ventures Michigan allows customers to fully own their domain name and hosting within a secure account on a secure platform wholly independent of Pegasus Ventures Michigan.

Customers of the Pegasus Ventures Michigan platform have access to 24/7 customer service powered by GoDaddy and WildWest.

While Pegasus Ventures Michigan likes to keep customers forever it’s not realistic. Our customers fully own and control their websites. In the event a client chooses to move on they change the passwords and Pegasus Ventures Michigan is locked out. Even though Pegasus Ventures Michigan continues to act as the GoDaddy/WildWest re-seller we have zero access to the account.

Anyone who needs help to move on calls the 24/7 customer service line and the customer service people at Godaddy/WildWest walk the small business owner through the process.


My Webmaster would never do that to me

Maybe; and most web designers understand and happily support customers moving on to other companies.

Every single small business owner experiencing the unscrupulous web designer expresses surprise and shock. Sadly cases exist of outgoing webmasters forcing already dissatisfied customers to cough up more money to control their website if they release it willingly, at all.

There’s a simple best practice; control your own website in your own account and use website designers who happily support this choice.



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