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A small, okay really really small company, Pegasus Ventures goes back over 10 years after a customer suggested selling their restaurant supplies online. Today the Pegasus Ventures e-commerce site offering restaurant guest checks, napkin bands, cash register rolls, and food rotation labels sells products all over North American and beyond.


Web Design
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SEO Drawing in Web Traffic

Customers often ask the cost of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in building websites. Pegasus Ventures includes SEO in every website following industry best practices.

Pegasus Ventures starts knowing search engines look at each page by itself very often directing website visitors to a specific page inside a website rather than the website’s home page.

Product Groups

The Pegasus Ventures e-commerce site groups products giving higher visibility for specific product groups.

Individual Products

A page for each and every product helps build content and as Pegasus Ventures sells the well known National Checking brand restaurant guest checks customers often find a specific product by searching the National Checking Company product number.


using Youtube builds content for specific products and Pegasus Ventures converted images to slideshows adding music for every product and product group building content and increasing overall web presence.


Customers hear this from Pegasus Ventures all the time, more pictures. For the e-commerce site Pegasus Ventures created variations of images to draw even more content.

Looking Good

Design for the client not artwork designed as a moment to the website designer matters a great deal. Pegasus Ventures wants websites to reflect the client while being accessible to their customers. Some clients need the more artsy design, others need a more down to earth look.


Appropriate Design

Responsive Design

Creative Design

Responsive Design

Google gives some advantage to “responsive” websites designed to shift to fit the device viewing the website. Older websites often are not responsive.

Brand True

Pegasus Ventures designs websites and apps to stay true to the client’s overall brand and the, “feel” they project to their customers.

Web & App Development

Offer your business to customers on their phone, at home on the Ipad or other home device and at work with Pegasus Ventures affordable website and app development.

If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary- Jim Rohn

Web Designer Selling Guest Checks?

Pegasus Ventures built 5 websites for a printer in Wyoming, Michigan. The owner’s sons called one say saying, “Sell our guest checks.” Of all the crazy ideas, this was not a thing in 2006.

It became a thing and as the economy crashed in many printers, including our customer, went out of business oddly leaving Pegasus Ventures well positioned for custom printed guest checks for restaurants who’d lost their printer. Today Pegasus Ventures sells an expanded line of products all over North America.

Make It Easy on Yourself

The e-commerce site operated by Pegasus Ventures operates almost entirely on auto-pilot. Often websites, even for customer service intensive business serve to bring efficiencies not always associated with websites. Posting jobs, a calendar announcing events, collecting emails addresses to send updates on the business and many, more more simple ideas making a business a more profitable when the website picks up simple tasks.

Let’s Talk

Looking for more information? Click or tap now to contact Pegasus Ventures using a contact form, or give Pegasus Ventures a call at (570) 481-1400. Let’s set up a time to meet and talk about your web presence!

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