Managing Facebook and any social media platform best managed with common sense

Common sense runs though successful social media

Common Sense Approach to Facebook Business Pages

Taking social media as an ‘ad hoc” and unimportant starts small businesses on the wrong foot


In day to day operations simple work flows set up success with social media in the very same way restaurants make sure staff wash hands, date food, and rotate stock ensuring a food safe efficient workflow keeping costs down and delivering for customers.

Not long ago talking to a customer, whose graphic designer runs their Facebook page, Pegasus Ventures Michigan suggested a point to the pizzeria owner, “It’s not helping he’s promoting salads on Facebook at 11:30 in the morning. If you want to get someone in an office thinking about lunch do it at 9:30 or 10.” Later that week the pizzeria’s Facebook promoted weekend family dinners…at 7:30 pm on a Sunday.


Good social media management starts with and the buck stops with the boss

Thought out strategies leads to social media success; the boss knows their customers best. The planning reflects the company. The workflow is not confusing:common sense runs through social media workflows and is in the bosses’ wheelhouse. 

Good social media managers ask questions of the owners and managers to best apply their skills

  • When is the business most busy? 
  • What days are slowest?
  • If promoting special offers is it better to do it on slow days?
  • For a restaurant’s Friday night do we post images avoiding content leading to messages and phone calls during busy periods?
  • Are we better posting content on slow days where we have time to answer messages and telephone responses?
  • Can we use social media to drive sales on slower days?
  • When are the better times to post? Maybe a carpet cleaner does okay at 5 AM on a Saturday where a restaurant’s 5 AM attracts little response.

In this series, we learn successful management of social media. Hire Pegasus Ventures Michigan to run your social media or use what’s found in this series to do it yourself. Never think it’s beyond your role as the boss. 

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