Changes to Facebook verification for business pages

Facebook eliminates the gray verification check on October 29, 2019

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Facebook ends the gray verification check on business pages

Facebook introduced gray verification badges in 2015 to show which Pages for businesses and organizations are authentic.

Facebook says they found that they can be more confusing than helpful, so they are removing them on October 29, 2019. As a result, there will no longer be a gray badge on a verified business page.

This brings no immediate change to search results or how a business is seen on Facebook

More security is here for some Pages

Running Business Pages for clients, we’ve already seen new security on Pages with high numbers of likes.

The changes include requiring 2-step verification with a telephone, and submitting identification to Facebook to actively manage a business Facebook Page.

Watch for notifications from Facebook or face deactivation

For less active business pages, Pegasus Ventures Michigan has seen businesses asked to confirm ownership and other information or face deactivation of the account.

Watch for the notifications from Facebook!



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