Add Facebook Messenger to your website

Direct Connect with Facebook

Facebook Messenger Installed on Websites


Direct connect with customers

More and more people use Facebook Messenger to connect with friends and family and web designer Pegasus Ventures Michigan finds increasing people viewing client websites then connecting to the small businesses Facebook page to send a message through Facebook.

For the smaller contractor and service business owners the direct connect between Facebook and the owner saves answering calls and Pegasus Ventures Michigan knows many of these clients already use standard text messages to stay in touch with customers.

Use Facebook Messenger so customers easily reach your small business from their phone, tablet, Desktop computer or other mobile device. Learn the value of Facebook Messenger and get step by step instructions to add this entirely free tool to your website.

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Access messages through the Facebook Pages App

Pegasus Ventures believes using the Facebook Pages App works best. Make sure to set the notifications in the app set to appear on your mobile device. Also get the Facebook Messenger App to back up the Facebook Pages App.


Think twice, act once before installing Facebook Messenger on a website


Facebook Messenger serves the smaller businesses with lower traffic best. For higher traffic businesses, like restaurants and retail stores. Pegasus Ventures Michigan finds people using Facebook Messenger but installing it on a website drives up use.

Keeping in mind Facebook rates the response rate and average response time think hard before installing Facebook Messenger.  Now saying that, if your high volume business can respond quickly to inquires, it’s a great tool to impress customers with fast knowledgeable responses.


Install Facebook Messenger


Not the most difficult of tasks for the Do it Yourselfer the video below helps WordPressers as well as website managers using software and other web based tools to add Facebook Messenger to just about any website with step by step instructions.

Or follow the steps to email your website developer the code to add Facebook Messenger to your website to connect with more customers with an app they use regularly.

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