Getting the code to add Google Calendar to a small business website

HTML code for Google Calendar 

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Locating and adding the code so Google Calendar appears on a small business website

Need to locate the code for an existing Google Calendar? It’s really easy and this step by step tutorial shows where to locate the code. Either add it to an existing web page or copy the code for the webmaster.

Step by Step Tutorial to locate the HTML Code for a website

  1. While logged in to Google, visit Google Calendar at
  2. Locate the specific calendar to be added to a web page
  3. Tap on the 3 dots to the right and select, “Settings and sharing”
  4. Scroll down the page and locate the code labeled, “Embed code.” (Below the box with the code it says, “Use this code to embed this calendar on a web page. The code in the box begins with the HTML tag, “<iframe src=…”)
  5. Copy the full HTML tag. The tag will end with, “</iframe>”
  6. Provide the code to your webmaster, or
  7. If you are placing the calendar on a web page paste the full line of code into the web page at the correct location on the page.

Embedded Google Calendars change on a web page with updates

The HTML code inserted on a web page is not “part” of the web page. The HTML code is part of Google and anytime any change is made to the Google Calendar’s public information it changes on your web page.



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