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Google Analytics- the traffic to your website

Designing websites since 2005 Pegasus Ventures Michigan marvels how few new transfer clients from other webmasters know about traffic to their websites.

Honestly, business owners ignore lots of statistics, even so Pegasus Ventures Michigan believes in making the information available. That’s fine.

Use it or not, the data belongs with the boss.

Simple reporting; Google Analytics works for business

For most clients Pegasus Ventures sends weekly, super simple reports. X number of visits, X number of page views by X number of visitors.

A scheduled email arrives each week with basic numbers giving owners some sense of the activity on a Pegasus Ventures Michigan powered website.

Digging into numbers

Not just to measure website performance statistics measure success of social media. Pointing social media back to a website gives a small business owner one place for all traffic sources to gather.  We also learn what traffic looks like month over month and year over year as social media platforms bring new traffic to a small business.

Complexity beyond most any need also ready to go with Google Analytics

For those with a Gmail account Pegasus Ventures adds the client giving them full access to some 80 different reports. Give us a Gmail account, Pegasus Ventures gives owners full access to the data to dig through as they choose when they choose.

Few need, let alone, want that much information. Still, it’s there for those wanting to know more.

Google tracks everything from visitor location, to device type, even providing maps for specific days.

Analytics reporting, also, provides real-time numbers allowing a view of current visitors and the specific, currently, active pages on a computer, tablet or using Google’s smart phone app.

Google Analytics costs nothing!

For Pegasus Ventures Michigan the decade long mystery that webmasters fail to provide free Google services remains unsolved. The platform costs nothing, it takes nothing to add the code to a website and it runs on auto-pilot.

We plug in the code, set up weekly emails, add a business owner’s Gmail account and need never get involved, again. It takes two minutes to set it up.

Beware the webmaster not using Google Analytics

More often than not a web designer not using tools like Google Analytics ends up out of compliance with many current widely used best practices.

With little impact on Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics supports other Google products like Google Ads and, more importantly, Google Webmaster Tools.

Google’s Webmaster Tools product provides information from a website to Google as it visits and indexes your site and gives Google someone to contact when it finds problems with a website. Analytics goes hand-in-hand with Webmaster Tools.

Webmaster not implementing these tools cost their clients traffic while putting websites off the track that stays up-to-date.

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