Adding users and permissions on Google Calendar

Adding/Removing Users to Google Calendar 

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Adding/Removing Users to Google Calendar for a Small Business

Rule number one adding users, only give top line permissions owners. Lower level permissions prevent anyone deleting a Google Calendar, either by accident or to create problems, while allowing them to make changes.

Adding users works great to allow employees or others to add and edit events on a Google Calendar. In the case of Jenison Offices at the Boulder Bluff Centre the client gives tenants access to a Google Calendar allowing tenants to reserve the shared conference room. Google Calendars also allow people to share events appearing across Google beyond a website.

Step by Step Instructions to add people to a Google Calendar

  1. While signed in to Google, go to
  2. Under My Calendars on the left column (desktop) tap the three dots for the correct calendar
  3. Select Settings and sharing
  4. Locate Share with specific people and select the box Add people
  5. A dialog box pops up, enter the Gmail address of the person to be added. Only use Gmail addresses.
  6. Make changes to events works just fine. The highest permission is Make changes and manage sharing.  This is best reserved only for owners.
  7. Tap send. An invitation gets sent appearing in the “updates” tab of Gmail. The invitation does not appear in the primary section of Gmail.
  8. To remove users, simply tap the “X” at the end of their name.


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