Dashboard to Manage Web Presence

Google Plus Morphs

For web designers and social media manages the changes to Google Plus marks another major change in how Google operates their version of Facebook. For, maybe, the first time the significant changes turned out great!

The change puts Google web presence firmly in the hands of business owners and social media managers as never.

Moving Business Up in Search Results

With these changes the small business owner adds “Facebook like” posts to directly to search results in Google, announces events, posts pictures and gives people searching the web instant access to ever increasing information.


Push up search results with posts using pictures just like Facebook

Direct Links

Link out to key pages, menus, or online ordering for restaurants



Announce events directly to Google search results


Customers ask each other and the business questions



Reviews gathered from Google, Facebook, Yelp and other sources



See how many people are viewing your Google listings

The Google Dashboard- An Introduction

A company listing on Google provides significant information about a business as people search before even providing a links to pages websites. As people search the web they find local business locations at the top of the page includes local businesses with general search results farther down. This content exists apart from the website.

Information found here includes a link to the business website, reviews, telephone numbers and, for restaurants, links to online ordering and reservation pages while also allowing people to ask questions. Big hint, Google gets more reviews than the most active Facebook pages and, interestingly, people will often beat business owners and managers to answering questions.

Google calls this “Google My Business” and it represents one of the biggest opportunities to manage web presence while presenting challenges for those choosing not to use it.

Manage the advance of web presence, stay connected and we’ll make it work for your small business! It’s not nearly so difficult as much as it requires a small volume of consistency to ride it…but the ride really isn’t bad!

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