Google My Business and SEO

Search Engine Optimization and Google My Business

With Google My Business the small business owner gets real information both informing how Google users find their business on Google Search and Maps and statistics showing competitor performance.

Google My Business combines facts and figures givingĀ  small business owners a real shot to improve how a company gets seen on the web and how often.

If uploading a few pictures a week moves the numbers why not upload the images? If a post or two a week pushes up a small business owner’s position on Google Search and Maps let’s do it!

Pegasus Ventures Michigan uses Google My Business to drive Search Engine Optimization for clients as never before. More than what appears on the website the active Google My Business user uploads pictures and posts creating off site content serving as a source feeder for the website.

Take Advantage where others don’t

Many, if not most small businesses, fail to even verify their Google My Business listing. For the company verifying and controlling the existing listing often comes with a huge advantage other companies have yet to use. You post five or six times a week, your competitor does nothing. Who ends up at the top?

In the image to the left we see a Pegasus Ventures Michigan client active on Google My Business about two months. Posting every few days, adding images resulted in a total of over 74,000 views by Google users driving an increase of over 300 visitors more than last year for each of the last two months.


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