Google My Business Insights

By the Numbers

Easily find the Google My Business Dashboard when logged in to your Gmail account by Googling the name of your business along with the city for a quick overview of the numbers as well as tasks to complete.

The Dashboard serves as the gateway to the entire platform  by clicking on, “Your Business on Google.”

Real numbers not only sharing a businesses results on Google Search and Maps, Google My Business also provides insights into the performance of posts to the platform as well as, and importantly, the performance of images posted to Google Search and Maps by competitors in the market.

Many customers find businesses through Google Search and Maps never going to a website. Google My Business Insights focuses on how customers find your listing on Search and Maps, and what they do after they find it.

Social media managers like Pegasus Ventures use Google My Business Insights as a key tool in building the overall web presence of a business.

How customers find you- Google Search and Maps

This section of Insights shows how many customers found you and how they found you. Click or tap the chart on the dashboard to see the percentage of all customers that found you via each of these methods:

  • Direct searches: A customer directly searched for your business name or address (e.g. a customer directly searched for business’s name “Italy’s Best restaurant” on Google Maps).
  • Discovery searches: A customer searched for a category, product, or service that you offer, and your listing appeared (e.g. a customer searched for “Italian dinner nearby” on Google Search).
  • Total searches: The total searches of both direct and discovery searches.

How customers find your business counts for search engine optimization and web designers like Pegasus Ventures track these numbers. For the small but well known business web designers like “direct searches” but for clients less generally known, and especially those providing unusual products and services Pegasus Ventures looks wants to drive higher percentages of “Discovery searches.”

Pegasus Ventures website design client, Light Bright Signs is the perfect example. Not many people think about a big black roadside sign to promote their business off the top of their head. Pegasus Ventures looks to put the idea in front of potential clients accomplishing  with literally hundreds of pictures added to Light Bright Signs Google My Business platform.

Google My Business By The Numbers- How people find your business discovery versus search, tap or click on the image for a larger view!

Where customers find you on Google using Google My Business, tap on the image to see a larger view! This example comes from Pegasus Ventures customer R&O’s just outside New Orleans! 

Where customers find you on Google

This section of Insights shows how many customers found you via Google Search or Google Maps. You’ll see the number of views your listing received in the last 28 days, by default, or the last week, or quarter through each of these services:

  • View on Search: A customer found your business via Google Search. Displays as “Search views” on bulk reports.
  • Views on Maps: A customer found your business via Google Maps. Displays as “Maps views” on bulk reports.
  • Total views: The total views of both Google Search and Google Maps.

To view details on how many customers found your business on a specific product and day:

  1. Select the day you’re interested in.
    • Desktop: Place your cursor over the day.
    • Mobile: Tap on the day.
  2. To the right of the graph, click the checkboxes to turn on and off filters.


Customer actions

This section shows how customers behave after they found your listing on Google. The graph shows how many customers completed the following types of actions when viewing your listing:

  • Visit your website: A customer views your website. Displays as “Website actions” on bulk reports.
  • Request directions: A customer requests directions to your business. Displays as “Directions actions” on bulk reports.
  • Call you: A customer calls your business. Displays as “Phone call actions” on bulk reports.
  • Total actions: The total customer actions for website, directions, and phone.

To view how many customers did on a specific action and day:

  1. Select the day you’re interested in.
    • Desktop: Place your cursor over the day.
    • Mobile: Tap on the day.
  2. To the right of the graph, click checkboxes to turn on and off filters.

Important to this section the reporting of actions customers take never seeing the small businesses website, at all. The Google My Business platform gives a depth in reporting previously unavailable to the small business owner.

Want to see a larger view, just tap on the image!
Swipe the image to get the big picture!

Direction requests

This section shows where customers are when they request directions to your business.

On the map displayed, you’ll see your location pinned and the popular places you customers are when they ask Google Maps for directions to your address. The total number of requests broken down by city or neighborhood are displayed as well when sufficient requests exist to populate this statistic.

Again this number helps the small business owner or manager running their own Google My Business platform see a performance of web presence where Google Users may never go to their website.

Phone calls

This section displays when and how often customers called your business through your business listing.

In the Total calls graph, you can view trends of customer phone calls by Day of week or Time of day. You can use this information to see when customers call the most.

The dropdown menu in the top-right corner lets you adjust the time-frame to see data from the last 7, 30, or 90 days.

Click the graphic for the full size view

Google My Business Photos and Photos of Area Competitors

This section displays the number of photos associated with your listing and how often they’re viewed compared to similar businesses in the following graphs:

  • Photo views: How many times your photos have been viewed.
  • Photo quantity: How many photos you’ve uploaded to your business listing.

The dropdown menu in the top-left corner lets you adjust the time-frame to see data from the last 7, 30, or 90 days. Hovering over a specific day on the graph shows you data for that day only.

If there are enough businesses in the area similar to yours, there are lines on the graphs that compare your photo data with photo data to the similar businesses. For example, if you manage a restaurant, your business would be compared to other restaurants in your area. On the right side of the graph you’ll see the total number of photos based on the data points you’ve selected.

These sections have the following labels in bulk Insights reports:

  • Total owner photos
  • Owner photo views
  • Total customer photos
  • Customer photo views


What a business is known for

This section of Insights provides customers’ opinions of your restaurant or cafe (e.g. cozy, romantic, or notable cocktails).

Since customers’ opinions are based on their experience, the information is subjective. It is considered to be valuable to other customers, as it describes the feel & ambiance for a place. Unless proven false, Google won’t remove this information.

What your business is known for- How you score on key attributes that help customers decide where to go is a big factor in developing a website as it tells the web designer what to add and focus on building in terms of website content. Have a closer look by swiping the image!

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