Google My Business

Post and Pictures

How do you search for a business or service?

Starting a search on the web? Think how you start a search. In a Facebook app? Perhaps on Twitter? Maybe Instagram.

Of course not. Statistically 80% of the websites Pegasus Ventures Michigan builds and monitors search begins on Google as opposed to all other sources combined.

Google My Business Posts and Pictures- The numbers

One of Pegasus Venture Michigan’s web design clients, R&O’s, a nationally known New Orleans restaurant, generates more than 10 times the numbers of views on Google as opposed to an active Facebook page managed by Pegasus Ventures Michigan with almost 3,300 Facebook followers. These are views before the Google user even sees the website.

A client owning a golf course in west Michigan, as an example reached more than 75,000 people in June 2018 after becoming active posting images, announcing events and posting daily to Google My Business.

Google My Business measures image views also showing competitor views. The golf course, for example, hit 18,300 views in one month with competitors getting zero views. Many businesses just don’t know Google My Business exists let alone it’s free.

Using Google My Business posts count and count big in generating attention, supporting Search Engine Optimization and bringing in dollars. 

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