Google My Business

What is your business known for

Restaurants and similar food service businesses learn how to best use “What this business is known for” insights panel on Google My Business

What your business is known for Google My Business

The “What is your business known for” section of Insights on the Google My Business platform expresses customer feedback about a restaurant, or other small business, collected from reviews and other sources.

The information is subjective describing the local small business from the point of view of Google users. Google allows no editing of the information, however, visiting the “Info” section of the Google My Business account helps the small business owner complete some of what Google users already say.

For website developers like Pegasus Ventures Michigan these insights help guide search engine optimization.  As the information generally comes  from customer created content it obviously benefits the web design client when Pegasus Ventures Michigan includes that content wherever possible on the website. An example, users report a restaurant as child friendly. It makes sense to include child friendly on the website matching up the Google My Business platform with website content


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