Best practices using hashtags for business on social media


Best practices in social media- The Hashtag


Hashtags direct social media users to specific category content on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Unlike non-business use, the best hashtag use sends social media uses to more content about a small business as well as presenting a business to potential new customers.


Organize Hashtags


Website menus direct visitors to specific categories. Social media platforms offer only limited options to create category specific content on the small business owner’s social media platform. Social media platforms like Facebook provide the option to post a restaurant’s menu but lack the structure to create category specific threads with growing content as well as draw attention to past posts otherwise disappearing in the timeline.

Pegasus Ventures highlights blog posts relating to search engine optimization creating the hash tag, “#seopegasusventures.” Users tap the hash tag and see every past post using the hashtag.

Keeping a list of hash tags unique to a business both reminds content creators to create new content for their list while buildingĀ  category specific content.


Avoid hash tags sending visitors away from your content


Generic use of hashtags, for example, big cities or busy hashtags, ie #restaurants, fails to attract users to the content of a specific business. Before using those hashtags have a look at the content on that hashtag.

Busy hashtags results in content lost in big content streams. For restaurants a city hashtag may work great. A business to business company selling products and services may create problems using the same hashtag only gives the small business owner a perception of reaching more people while none of those people benefit from the content.


Test Hashtags


Tap in a hashtag idea and look at the content returned. Today few businesses understand this great tool for driving traffic to a social media platform. In some cases the small business owner finds themselves almost alone. That’s an opportunity.


Watch the numbers, adjust


Monitor post reach on social media. What results occur with certain hashtag on specific posts. Try new hashtags.




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