Best practices using hashtags for business on social media

Hashtags correct use for small business

Hashtags, to use or not to use for a small business

Pegasus Ventures Michigan refrains from using hashtags on social media instead preferring to use social media posts to send users to specific website pages whenever possible where sales happen.

Pegasus Ventures Michigan wants to drive users closer to the sales trigger whenever possible. A restaurant post including a menu item and a great picture works best sending users to the restaurant’s menu showing possible customers more of the menu.

Make the hashtag specific to the business

Hashtags direct social media users to specific content on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Make those hashtags specific to the business. Don’t send users to generic hashtags unrelated to the business, or worse, send users to hashtags used by competitors. So, Harry’s Restaurant in New York makes may create the hashtag, “harrysnewyorkburgers” rather than, “newyorkburgers.”


Organize Hashtags

Keep a list of hash tags unique to a business builds that hashtag’s content overtime. Keeping the hashtags limited with growing content gives users reasons to click or tap that hashtag.

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