Google now responds to flagged business reviews

Managing Google reviews matters. Typically, Pegasus Ventures Michigan finds far more Google reviews for a given business than Facebook. More importantly, Google My Business, almost always, gets far more traffic than Facebook.

Google now responds to flagged reviews

For years Pegasus Ventures flagged reviews for clients where we manage social media. Not once did Google acknowledge receipt of the request to review the flagged review.

Now part of a rote, seemingly pointless effort, Pegasus Ventures Michigan flagged a rude review with a reply from Google just a few hours later. Later the same day Google removed the review.

A shocking development from Google, will it last?

Anyone working to get responses for non-paid services knows Google rarely responds to anyone.

Late in 2019 Google opened phone lines for Google My Business. They closed those lines with the 2020 pandemic. What had been a great tool for support remains off-line.

Pegasus Ventures Michigan strongly urges business owners to look back at Google reviews and flag malevolent reviews immediately. 


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