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  • R&O Restaurant and Catering in Metairie, LA- a great restaurant using local company Pegasus Ventures for web site design
  • R&O Restaurant and Catering in Metairie, LA- a great restaurant  locally designed websites by Pegasus Ventures
  • Get your  website built by Pegasus Ventures , truly local website design, getting results for R&O Restaurant and Catering in Metairie, LA
  • Small business website development Pegaus Ventures Michigan employed by R&O Restaurant and Catering in Metairie, LA- a great restaurant with great traditions now on the web!

Opened in 1981 but no website until 2016?

Sales people often present with "magic" answers oddly enough turning out to be their product or service. Buy and watch the dollars roll in. You know the pitch, right? The best success comes from our own hard work and dedication to our customers.

Pegasus Ventures serves as a technician who listens to support in our area of expertise. "Not up-to-date" matters less than finding an easily absorbed process of development building on what client's do best rather than turning someone's business upside down to build a website.

The best starting place for R&O's? The love for Roland and Ora's restaurant show by customers and the restaurant shows their customers. located in Jefferson Parish Louisiana.

Facebook Love!

And talking about love, not being too techy R&O's Pegasus Ventures claimed the Facebook page for R&O's; the Facebook page their customers created with a following of more than 1,565 followers. In addition to submitting images some 470 people reviewed the restaurant earning a 4.2 out of 5 stars.

With a few clicks and a call to the restaurant by Facebook we claimed the Facebook page for R&O's.

So for a web master a neat side effect of slowly things in for R&O's? Posting on their Facebook page. Wow, with the images and 1,656 followers made for an endearing response. Turns out people following R&O's live everywhere from Thailand to France to places all over the United States and the well of goodwill and great memories from people who moved away? Stunning. In less than 2 weeks after claiming the page the reach exceeded 10,000 people. And think of it, each post appeared on more than 1,600 follower's page for all their friends to see!

Still a work in progress!

Check back and see the improvements made as Pegasus Ventures helps R&O's build their web presence!

Click here to see the website!

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