Set up an easy, workflow to better advertise a contracting or small service business

Make an easy habit to grow your contracting or service company

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Promoting a contracting or small service company takes very little time; it takes a habit

Web-based platforms intimidate some small business owners into inaction. For others lack of time prevents consistent use.

Gassing up the truck at the end of the day saves time. Getting invoices filled the night before helps, too.

Weaving in a few simple habits makes money without wasting time and the steps are simple and earns rewards in higher sales.

Email, Gmail; create contacts as they come in

Making a habit of saving contact information in Gmail as emails come in builds an email list for advertising one customer at a time, a task taking only seconds.

Once a week  download customer contacts and upload them to Constant Contact. Pegasus Ventures Michigan suggests using a Desktop computer or lap-top rather than a tablet or smartphone for the weekly task.

Create a couple of emails in Constant Contact scheduled weekly, keeping a cushion of time in case something comes up.

Each week customers and leads find reminders about the company increasing the chances of a sale.

Constant Contact: give visitors the chance to sign up when they visit the website

Pegasus Ventures Michigan gets negative responses to the suggestion of adding a pop-up to a website asking for an email address.

We’ve seen no complaints, at all, nor any decrease in traffic to a website for clients using email request pop-ups.

Customers want information from small business owners and Pegasus Ventures Michigan says give the customer what they want.

Build a habit of taking pictures every single day

Want to beat the competition on Google, take pictures every single day using the Google My Business smartphone app which loads the images directly to Google My Business.

Here’s a hint, take the images with the camera app. Images taken in the Google My Business app may not appear in your camera roll for use on Facebook and other social media.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Facebook and Constant Contact allow scheduling.

Pegasus Ventures Michigan routinely schedules months ahead. Sitting down once a week  scheduling Facebook posts and Constant Contact emails saves remembering the task daily.

And time set aside results in better quality content for customers and leads. More importantly, regular communication grows sales.

Sales cement the idea!

For the online guest checks business Pegasus Ventures Michigan sends out emails every Monday. For years Monday’s been the highest sales day of the week.

Email blasts remind customers to check their stock of guest checks and other products sold on the website triggering orders.

Consistent Facebook posts and email blasts keep clients in your orbit. There’s less looking at competitors as people see regular content from a small business with whom they feel a connection.

Why depend on someone remembering your business when you do the reminding on a regular basis?





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