Managing permissions for a business Facebook page

Business Facebook Permissions

Protect your small business in choosing a Facebook Administrator

No one needs the administrator role other than the owner

As with domain names, Pegasus Ventures Michigan strongly urges clients to control their own social media accounts as much as possible. Terrific, long time employees and impressive social media managers bring unnecessary risk easily avoided when given only “Manager” access to a business’ Facebook account.

The list of what if’s goes on for miles; what if the person dies? What if the person get’s angry after a termination even after long, dedicated service? A trusted person running the account with amazing skill getting sick impacts a small business if they need a couple weeks off


Best Practice- only owners act as Administrators on Facebook

Facebook Business pages get managed while signed into a personal Facebook account. They are literally one in the same. An administrator manages the Facebook Business account by simply heading to the business page while logged into the personal account.

Here at Pegasus Ventures Michigan the advice given to clients running their own social media accounts sets out one key best practice. Owners act as Administrators. No one else. An employee or social media company needs only the, “Manager” or, “Editor” role. The manager role gives access to all functions of the Administrator other than assigning page roles while preventing any possibility of the person taking control of the Facebook Business Page.

One thing to think about, though, what if the owner gets sick? Giving key people, preferably family members, information to access the personal Facebook account information in the event of an emergency smooths the path in the event of unusual circumstances leaving the owner unable to manage the account.


Do I want all those notifications from Facebook?

In some cases owners prefer a distance not seeing every notification coming through the business page. Facebook allows an Administrator to choose what notifications to see from very little to text messages for everything.

Consider using notifications to passively observe the work of a social media management company or key employee.


Facebook will not help recover a lost business page

Facebook makes clear anytime someone is removed as an Administrator there is zero recourse to challenge the decision unless the Administrator removing you was hacked in which case Facebook requires proof of the hacking. In other words the bad actor cooperating with the both the owner of the business and Facebook must happen for Facebook to return control to the rightful owner.

About the only recourse a business victimized has is a court ordering the bad actor to return control of the account to its rightful owner.

Where a business needs to use an employee or someone else to run the business Facebook page as an administrator consider an agreement, written by a lawyer and signed in accordance with legal advice, making clear the terms of their status as an Administrator and what happens at the end of the term of service.



The video below shows step by step how to remove an Administrator from a Business Facebook account

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