Jabez Realty, LLC

Scranton, Dunmore PA
Rental Property Owner

At first blush little reason exists for a smaller local rental property owner operated by one person seems unlikely to even need a website let alone a social media manager.

For Scranton, PA based Jabez Realty, LLC it turns out many successful rentals come from the robust online presence built and managed by Pegasus Ventures reaching tenants coming to the area from around the country, as well as around the world.

Web Design
Social Media Manager
Google My Business
Video Production

Not your typical landlord

Tenants from Jabez Realty, LLC hail more often from outside the Scranton, Pennsylvania area. With properties located on and near local hospitals, and the University of Scranton, prospective tenants include traveling nurses working short term contracts with local hospitals, medical students coming to study from as far away as China and contractors working on large complex projects for a short time in a part of the country without that skilled workforce.

Jabez Realty, LLC the local rental property need with affordable short term leases, shared rooms for groups of professionals, students and contractors usually with furnished amenities like Wifi, air conditioning and all expenses included.

With medical students coming from around the world, this small owner operated company needs a first class website coaxing potential tenants.

Social Media Management and videos by Pegasus Ventures Michigan

Building the website in 2017 Pegasus Ventures took over social media management in July 2018 in advance of students returning to school in September.

A process of adding videos to social media and Google My Business  Pegasus Ventures Michigan also established a YouTube channel to round out the effort to hike P&D’s presence on social media.

The point is always developing a depth of content putting Pegasus Venture’s customers as visible as possible across all platforms.

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