Web Design Portfolio

The Professional- Carpet Cleaning

A simple business model, Bob’s been in business for 35 years doing each and every job himself. Robert Hurley is The Professional and since 2005 Pegasus Ventures backs Bob up with top quality website design and development

Swift Photo Booth Rentals

From 2014 until a complete redesign of the website in August 2018 Pegasus Ventures works to help our customer grow her unique business model in the Grand Rapids and Western Michigan market she serves so well!

R&O’s Restaurant

The relationship with R&O’s in Metairie, Louisiana dates back to April 2013. Mrs. Mollere needed some guest checks. Her supplier went out of business and Pegasus Ventures Michigan sells restaurant guest checks across North America custom printed for restaurants.

P&D Enterprises

At first blush little reason exists for a smaller local rental property owner operated by a husband and wife team seems unlikely to even need a website let alone a social media manager. For Scranton, PA based P&D Enterprises it turns out many, if not, most successful rentals come from the robust online presence built and managed by Pegasus Ventures. 

Chem Brite

Chem Brite’s Pressure Washing and Painting’s website 1.0 came together in December 2009. Today, represented by a fully responsive website working on all platforms, Pegasus Ventures uniquely  manages this contractor’s website focusing on the integrity and honesty of Chem Brite as well as the locally owned and operated nature of the business. Tap on the title to learn more!

Maria Bonacuse, Makeup Artist

For make up artistry and especially eyelashes no one beats out Maria Bonacuse in Northeast Pennsylvania. Brides to be Maria’s reputation and Maria Bonacuse is an example of building a business on word of mouth and great work

Best Darn Movers, Kingston PA

A small, okay really really small company, Pegasus Ventures gets the importance of web presence for fellow small businesses like BestDarnMovers, in Kingston, Pennsylvania serving Northeast Pennsylvania and beyond delivering results not only from the build but on an on-going basis.

Alpine Golf Club, Comstock Park, MI

It’s been a great relationship working with this family owned business  now into version 3.0 with over 10 years powering the Alpine Golf Club website in Comstock Park, MI, a suburb of Michigan’s 2nd largest city.  The family now has a photographer and soon to be newly minted marketing degree recipient who’s really makes web presence part of the daily routine by integrating the website and social media. And the results? An average of over 300 more visits per month over 2017.  Find out more about this awesome client!

Light Bright Signs

Starting in 2012 through 2 owners and now the 3.0 version of the Light Bright Signs website, Pegasus Ventures provides fast response to the Grand Rapids, Michigan based company needs for this black sign business serving mainly business owners but also individuals, church groups and even charter schools looking for students. Learn more!