Smartphone Apps
$495 Annual Plan


Whatever products or services a business sells they get loyalty when customers download an app to their smartphone, tablet, Ipad, or notebook.

Hard to forget that great snowplower with an app in the pocket and who looks around when the pizzeria provided an app; and who better to do the job than a fellow small business!


In most cases Pegasus Ventures Michigan develops your small businesses app to mirror the company website and the app changes in real time with the website with no added costs.

The one price, once a year Pro Plan for Small Business Apps design for content and updates applies to app development because Pegasus Ventures Michigan wants customers to update their apps.

Keeping customers up to date drives sales for our small business owners and gets them talking with others growing the Pegasus Ventures portfolio, as well.


A Pegasus Ventures Michigan hallmark affordability matters greatly to Pegasus Ventures.

$495 one time once a year with the freedom to call, text, or email changes along with promptĀ  responses helps put this technology firmly in the hands of the small business owner or manager without the fear of asking, “What will it cost me to…”

Pegasus Ventures Michigan prefers customers asking, “I was thinking…Is it possible to…” In this modern age very little we can imagine is impossible.


Smart phone apps tick a key Search Engine Optimization check box as Google delivers traffic to a website.

Additionally, Apps support a small business in communicating with customers and others while filling an important part of overall web presence. It’s one of the answers to, “Can you get higher in search results?”

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