Let’s get started with¬† social media Management

Ready to get started with social media management? Here’s the specifics and what’s included in the Pegasus Ventures social media management plan and how it works.

    1. Pegasus  Ventures collects from images and videos provided by the customer at least monthly. This usually takes the form of the small business assigning one person the role of taking pictures and short videos then sending them to Pegasus Ventures. Pegasus Ventures communicates with the owner, or an assigned manager, ensuring follow up where needed. (This means follow up to completion of the task) Further Pegasus Ventures works with the person as needed helping them develop a consistent work flow over the term of the agreement, again following through with management to ensure follow up.
    2. A person from the business is also assigned for Pegasus Ventures to contact for more urgent requests from customers either by text or cell phone.
    3. Pegasus Ventures collects content from other sources, including websites like Trip Adviser and Yelp where customers add images and information from their experiences with the client.
    4. Pegasus Ventures produces the content into images, pictures and posts for Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.
    5. Pegasus Ventures posts content to Youtube, Facebook, Google My Business, Instragram and Twitter. Youtube videos post at least once weekly and are re-posted to Twitter, Facebook and Google My Business.
    6. Pegasus Ventures responds to customer reviews on Google My Business and Facebook.
    7. Pegasus Ventures responds to inquiries on Facebook ensuring a 100% reply rate. Facebook also informs users of the average response time to their inquiries. Pegasus Ventures looks to reduce real time responses to minutes where possible.
    8. Pegasus Ventures manages and builds email blast services (Customer employs third party for powering email blasts)
    9. Pegasus Ventures reports progress to management at least monthly.
    10. This agreement lasts for 6 months and can be renewed by the customer at the end of each term. Pegasus Ventures charges $250 per month. Payment is made using the button on this page which will automatically charge an authorized credit card for 6 months.
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