Links to delivery companies on a Google My Business listing

Removing DoorDash, Slice and delivery services on Google my business

Removing DoorDash, Slice and other 3rd party delivery services according to Google

Google advises removing links for a third party delivery company link in a restaurant’s Google My Business listing requires contacting the third party delivery company by telephone.

Contacting DoorDash, SliceLife and other delivery services appearing on a Google My Business listing

Finding the right process while getting past poorly trained, or bad acting, customer service representatives stymies some managers or owners and requires follow up ensuring the delivery service follows through on promises to remove the listing from Google My Business.

In situations where Pegasus Ventures Michigan made contact as the Google My Business account manager resulted in inconsistent and outright bizarre experiences.

Slice Removes listing

A telephone call to Slice for client, daVido’s Pizza in Conyers resulted in a response by email after a few days stating the listing would disappear in about a week. True to their word the listing disappeared from Google My Business, as promised.

DoorDash is a nightmare; one experience

DoorDash, despite repeated calls and follow-up,  failed to remove the listing from Google My Business.

However, the restaurant no longer appeared on their website.

A call to Google My Business got the listing removed after sharing the experience with DoorDash.

Immediately following the removal, though, DoorDash placed a labeled Google Adwords ad on the Google My Business using the restaurant’s name and claiming to be a source to order their food.

A search of the DoorDash determined the restaurant did not continue to appear on the DoorDash website. Using a restaurant’s name in this way creates legal issues for anyone wishing to pursue DoorDash.

None of the interactions with DoorDash can be described as professional. The representatives often misunderstood what was asked of them, didn’t have answers for questions, didn’t follow through on requests and no escalation process appears to exist.

In talking with DoorDash, Pegasus Ventures Michigan insisted on representatives repeating what was requested of DoorDash.  They often repeated the requests inaccurately.

Despite the careful, persistent effort nothing worked with DoorDash.

The listing was not removed until Pegasus Ventures Michigan contacted the Google My Business support line. (See Google My Business on this page)

Checklist for removing third-party delivery services from a Google My Business Listing

1. Give the representative the business telephone number. Be certain they say the correct business name.

2. Ensure they have your email address. Typically, they read it back.  Pegasus Ventures Michigan suggests using the email account connected with your Google My Business account in the event they verify with Google account ownership.

3. Ask for the reference number and for the removal to be expedited.

4. Ask when to expect the listing will be removed.

5. Follow up on Google My Business checking for removal of the link, and in the case of DoorDash that the remaining link goes to their home page. Search the site for the restaurant ensuring the restaurant has been removed.

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Door Dash contact information to remove from your Google Listing
Door Dash remove unwanted listing for my restaurant online order delivery Google My Business

Contact DoorDash by calling (650) 681-9470, select option 3 and ask them to remove your listing. Be careful the customer service person repeats your business telephone number as it’s listed on Google My Business. In some calls the person appears not to collect information as they don’t repeat it to ensure accuracy.

This number can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


SliceLife contact information to remove from your Google Listing

SliceLife remove unwanted listing for my restaurant online order delivery Google My Business

Slice can be reached at (888) 974-9928 and ask for Partner Development. SlifeLife will ask for an email, and they will confirm removal. Be certain the person repeats your email address for accuracy.


Seamless, unit of GrubHub contact information to remove from your Google Listing

Seamless restaurant delivery remove from restaurants' Google My Business listing

A unit of Grubhub, Seamless appears tends to appear less on Google My Business listings. Call Seamless at (800) 256-1020 if a link appears on your Google My Business listing. Do not presume removing a GrubHub listing also removes Seamless.

GrubHub contact information to remove from a restaurant’s Google My Business account.

Removing GrubHub from your restaurant’s Google My Business account

GrubHub restaurants delivery remove restaurant Google My Business listing

GrubHub provides a telephone number to remove a restaurant from Google My Business. Give them a call at (877) 805-5081. In general Pegasus Ventures sees fewer examples of this company adding links to a Google My Business listing.

Google My Business 

Google My Business representatives may, at first, deny any ability to change unwanted links on a restaurant’s Google My Business listing. Pegasus Ventures suggests, first, exhausting efforts with the third party delivery services before contacting Google My Business.

Escalate those calls to a supervisor.

Exhausting efforts with the third party delivery services helps as the services get access to a restaurant’s Google My Business listing through Google, itself. Pegasus Ventures Michigan believes a requirement exists, with Google, for the third party delivery services to respond to restaurant owners when asked to remove a listing. It stands to reason some process exists at Google My Business Customer service to take concerns back to the third party delivery service when they fail to comply with a restaurant’s request.

Google My Business can be called at (844) 491-9665.

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