R&O’s Restaurant

Metairie, LA

The relationship with R&O’s in Metairie, Louisiana dates back to April 2013. Mrs. Mollere needed some guest checks. Her supplier went out of business and Pegasus Ventures Michigan sells restaurant guest checks across North America custom printed for restaurants.

The relationship grew past guest checks and into website design and now social media management. The number of people following this family restaurant on Facebook nears 2,900 people giving the family a tremendous reach making for enormous engagement on social media.

How Pegasus Ventures services R&O’s

Here’s just some of what goes into the management of R&O’s web presence

It’s about family

Very much loved, R&O’s is a lot like one of West Michigan’s lost restaurants, Mr. Fables. People engage in social media from as far away as Thailand and France. Running Facebook Pegasus Ventures strives to always represent the family owners of R&O’s with content matching how the business operates day to day.

Game on…

Personal and homey for a business with just Google search views exceeding 28,000 each month demands a professional workflow. Pegasus Ventures responds to inquiries usually within minutes while bringing important information to management as needed. Pegasus Ventures brings an aggressive game for R&O’s as we build the restaurant’s reputation with fast response to social media and website inquiries.

Very Personal Images

A very personal business, Pegasus Ventures uses customer submitted images across all platforms reinforcing the very homey feel of R&O’s. Many people share growing up in the Metairie, LA area with a required stop to a restaurant their grandparents or parents brought them to as kids. The personal images they share add to what customer expect and know about R&O’s.

And having fun…

To get to know the Mollere’s is to admire the laughter and the amazing kindness of the family. Especially on social media Pegasus Ventures reflects the family by joking with gentle ribbing every so often always looking to bring a smile to THAT person. The Mollere family makes each customers feel special and it’s become a big part of the social media campaign, as well.