SLL for your website, is it worth it?

Google wants every website secure

It’s true, Google wants websites secure and rewards owners with slightly improved search engine optimization.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) gives search engine optimization (SEO) a bump.

SEO and secure small business websites

Hundreds of markers determine where a website shows up in search. Hosting companies often, rightly, tell customers securing their website helps SEO.

Not spoken in the sales pitch?  One single marker makes little real world difference. Content remains king in SEO.

But the other people in my market aren’t secure

A key point, as we post this blog in August 2020, many small business websites remain without secure websites.

Do I need SSL for my website

Collecting customer data from a website, yes. Just providing information, no.

Pegasus Ventures, as an example, usually places a contact form on client websites. Rather than securing the website, Pegasus Ventures contracts with a third party. The “embedded forms” are secure. Thus, client websites always collect data through a secure platform.

While most websites in the portfolio collect limited data, the secure form adds an extra layer of security without the cost of securing the website, itself.

And, yes, this advice changes in the next couple of years

So far, in the more than two years since Google’s change in recommendation for all websites to go secure, Pegasus Ventures clients report few concerns about SSL from website visitors.

Expect this to change in the next couple of years as more people take notice of local business websites not securing websites.

The factual reality a website collecting virtually no information from internet uses matters less than securing a website may just save some grief as the public becomes more aware of SSL.

It’s up to you!

As with many decisions small business owners make, Pegasus Ventures suggests listening to the customer. Saving some money for now works great. If customers begin asking about SSL, perhaps, bring on the change. Want every possible advantage with SEO? Go ahead and secure the website!

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