The point of social media is to make money

Social Media Basics

Social Media; Let’s make some cash!


Pegasus Ventures firmly believes in performance. For those of us owning small businesses frittering time  damages success more than any wasted dollar.

This series on Facebook and best practices in social shares the best most effective use of Facebook to drive top line sales.

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Not your teenager’s social media


So look; the big point? Generating awareness and carving out your own value driven social media  space puts dollars in the bank.

Greeted by “the look,” from clients Pegasus Ventures knows convincing web design and smart phone app customers to take on social media often draws a metaphor involving a teenager with their face in a phone. Give this series of blog posts a shot, our destination involves serious business

We explore, in this series, the best social media practices for the everyday brick and mortar business owner.


Apps/Websites to Manage Business Social Media


Let’s do this! Here is the list of apps or websites needed to manage social media for business. Get these apps free in the Google Play Store for Android Phones or the IPhone App Store for the IPhone.

  • Facebook Pages (This is different from the Facebook App people for their personal Facebook account)
  • Google My Business
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram




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