Copyright violations on your website and social media

Avoid pitfalls of posting people’s pictures

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Using other people’s images opens up unwinnable legal nightmares

Years ago a client insisted on using a picture of spaghetti on her website despite repeated warnings from Pegasus Ventures Michigan. 2 years a nightmare began with constant telephone calls demanding money.

The lawyer’s advice? Settle on their terms, you blew it.

Another client, a bar, wanted to use pictures of customers from an event. Pegasus Ventures Michigan said bad idea and the owner agreed.

The restaurant’s DJ decided otherwise mocking the webmaster and placing the images on his website.

Months later the restaurant owner heard from a lawyer representing one of the customers at the event. With no assets the mocking DJ paid nothing; the restaurant owner paid dearly.

People’s pictures on social media is bad

Terms of Use often protects businesses from using social media images on their social media platform when the social media user placed the image.

So, sharing a Facebook, “Check in” with a picture of someone causes no problem when a business reposts that image on the same platform.

Place the very same image on another platform or put it on a website asks for trouble.

The small chances of legal action but…

Many Pegasus Ventures Michigan clients go ahead and post images believing no real jeopardy exists. 

People on social media like seeing themselves. Few actually make a fuss and people post to social media for attention.

Use the exception’s image and the owner is at their mercy. It’s a losing lawsuit¬† so the plaintiff sets the terms of the settlement.

Thank that’ll be cheap?


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