Email blasts generate sales, collect the data, drive sales

Constant Contact

Constant Contact Email Blasts- building awareness with existing customers


A great tool Constant Contact gets the message out to current customers who already like your small business. Having a special? Got a coupon you want to share or something new on the menu? Web design and development company Pegasus Ventures suggests using an email blast service as part of a consistent tool to keep customers alert to your small business.

A client set up for collecting email addresses on the company website still resistant to email blasts suggesting taking down the pop-up request to enter an email address to get email blasts not feeling people respond to the tool. His mind quickly changed when told 67 people signed up to get email blasts from his restaurant since set up.


Data Collection Habit


Busy restaurant or local carpet cleaner getting in the data collection habit helps reach customers. For the smaller business adding new contacts in to an email or Gmail account with names and email addresses adds to an email blast list with an easy export to email blast services like Constant Contact.

As people reach out, saving their contact information for regular exports gives the small business owner another shot at landing that contact as a customer or serving as a tickler to remind the client maybe needing the service again.


Low Cost

Constant Contact offers a trial service for 60 days or up to 100 contacts. After that up the monthly fee runs about $20 a month for up to 500 contacts.

How easy is Constant Contact to Use


It’s not a huge learning curve. Like many tools in the ever-changing online world, jump in and get started. Mastering Constant Contact one email at a time works just fine. As sales come in so, too, will the motivation to learn a few more tricks.


I do Facebook, why Constant Contact?


Social media works, great. Abandoning one for the other perceiving one as, “better” only limits opportunity to reach the most people. ¬†Some¬† people may not see the Facebook posts or the email blast ends up serving as a second reminder after an earlier post further encouraging the sale.



Constant Contact gives the small business owner real depth in terms of response with statistics reporting able to share who opened the email, how many times they opened it, if they shared it with someone as well as overall percentages of opens.



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