Getting rid of DoorDash came with a dirty trick

The DoorDash dirty trick

Contact Google and Door Dash  

Door Dash address:
116 New Montgomery St. 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

Send any communication to Door Dash by way of certified, return receipt requested mail.

Your restaurant may have legal options to claim, “common law” rights. Learn more about, “common law” rights when you click or tap here for the Basic Facts about Trademarks and Copyrights from the US Patent Office. Search the document for the words, “common law” to skip to the relevant information.

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Door Dash runs ads claiming to delivery restaurant’s food using restaurant’s name

After complaints to Door Dash and Google an unauthorized Door Dash link disappeared from a restaurant client’s Google My Business listing.

Sadly, a Google Adwords ad appeared within the Google My Business platform using the restaurant’s name claiming users can order and get food delivered from that restaurant through Door Dash.

A check found no links to the restaurant’s menu existed on the Door Dash website. In other words the restaurant’s good name was appropriated by Door Dash in a Google Adwords ad.


Contacts to Google Adwords, Google My Business, and Door Dash fail

Pegasus Ventures Michigan, as the manager of the restaurant’s Google My Business account, contacted Google My Business who said to call Google Adwords. Google Adwords said it wasn’t their thing.

A call to Door Dash yielded the same lousy service experienced trying to get their link off Google My Business. Despite getting a reference number, providing an email and insisting the representative repeat back the complaint, Door Dash failed to stop using the restaurant’s name to sell their service.

Door Dash trademark infringement, possible options to stop Door Dash using a restaurant’s good name to promote their service

Burger Antics, a 5-year-old Brookfield restaurant featuring locally sourced meat and exotic toppings, never authorized DoorDash to post its menu or deliver its food, according to the lawsuit, filed in federal court in Chicago. Husband-and-wife owners Dan and Brenna Velcich learned their restaurant was on DoorDash from disgruntled customers. (Tap here to read the full story from the Chicago Tribune)

A restaurant may have “common law” rights to demand Door Dash, or anyone else, using its name stop the practice. Google also may have exposure for allowing the offending ads.

So a lawyer may be the best option in this situation. However, for the committed Do it Yourselfer, Pegasus Ventures Michigan suggests contacting both Google and Door Dash through atypical means.

Reaching out to Door Dash by snail mail, certified return receipt requested, at its corporate office (see address on this page) probably bypasses the miserable customer service getting the attention of someone who says, “Hey we’ve been sued, and we want to avoid that.”  If nothing else it creates a paper trail if a lawyer is needed later on.

Google  offers contact points for trademark violation complaints. Google service is hit-and-miss, ranging from great to awful.

> File trademark complaint with Google
> Read the Burger Antics lawsuit against Door Dash
> Read WRAP story- Door Dash Delivery accused of taking orders without restaurants’ permission

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