Engaging a social media manager

Social Media Managers

Social media management for the small business owner


In just a few years, the term “social media manager” came into existence, changed and then changed again. Chances are it will continue to change as content marketing evolves in the digital space, but some things will remain the same. Despite social media tool updates and new social media sites or apps, these five basic roles of the social media manager are here to stay:

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Strategize. A small business owner’s social media strategy should not be an after thought, and it’s the social media manager’s job to make sure it isn’t. By developing a strategy for the company’s social media integrating  overall marketing goals, the social media manager can set objectives and a workflow for your business.


Manage. Once the strategy is put into place, it becomes the social media manager’s role to manage the strategy. This includes creating proactive content for each of the organization’s social media channels on a regular, as well as creating and managing brands’ campaigns and contests.


Monitor. When the social media manager is not creating proactive content, he or she should be listening to the  audience and monitoring trends in the immediate market. Monitoring allows the social media manager to understand what content their audience is interested in and what conversations of interest are already taking place.


Engage. Engaging with the audience includes listening to customer complaints and responding to the issues in a helpful and timely manner.


Analyze. After a social media manager strategizes, manages, monitors and engages, it is important for him or her to know if the process is helping the brand reach its goals and objectives. Analyzing includes looking at audience growth, activity and engagement numbers across all of the brand’s social media channels, and then asking the question, “What is working and what’s not?” as well as reporting this information back to the small business owner at least monthly.

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