Thinking about the best times to post social media posts

Considering the timing of social media posts for better results

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Find the best timing for Facebook business posts to best drive interest in your company

Pegasus Ventures Michigan believes best results posting on a Facebook business page considers the day-part likely to generate the most views. Our social media management business also, takes into account likely audience behavior.

Consistency and smart timing keeps social media users engaged with a small business

For those in business a few years, learn customer habits. Certain days of the week and day-parts bring more customers than others. Matching your social media posts taking advantage of customer behavior brings the best results. 

Consistency also means socially connected customers come to rely on a small business who posts regularly. They follow the business by choice and 10:30AM reminders from a restaurant they love likely lead to more visits and closer loyalty. 

A restaurant with 1,000 followers generating an average of just 3 additional visits each year per follower with a check average of $15 results in $45,000 in additional sales annually. 

The art of timing posts on your Facebook Business Page

The Facebook insights tab gives little guidance to owners as to the day-parts people most visit a business Facebook page.

Take into account the nature of the company. Ask yourself the best times to nudge customers to buy as well as to create the most impact and engagement. Keep in mind we want to drive business with Facebook but most of the time it’s a public relations tool, and posts grow positive feelings about the small business. Over time goodwill grows sales. 

Timing Facebook posts for a business; examples

As a business to business service provider and e-commerce company, Pegasus Ventures Michigan finds early morning gets the best results on Facebook and platforms like Constant Contact for email blasts. We catch decision makers early and if they need an update to their website or find their napkin bands running short; they act.

For restaurants the equation changes.

Looking to give a boost to lunch?  Post around 10AM as people start thinking about lunch and asking co-workers about plans.

Sharing a Friday afternoon post results in dinner brought home. Make some goodwill when you do the cooking at the end of a tough week!

Posting at 11:30AM while customers head over to a competitor restaurant or 8:30PM promoting a family deal only places your business into the haze of the day. Facebook users see the post, the chances they act? Zero.



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