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Facebook Messenger Instant Reply Feature

Provide the basics in an instant reply using Messenger on your Facebook Business page

Let customers know what to expect in terms of replies by letting them know calling the business gets faster service and provide the telephone number and, also, link the Facebook user to a website to get more information.

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Asking for email addresses

Customers want information from your small business, why deny them?

It’s pretty simple, really. People want information from small businesses they visit online.

Pop-up requests offer one more avenue to generate sales and interest, why not give your customer the information?

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Collecting contacts using Gmail

Add email contact information as emails arrive and over time to create a foundation of leads and customers to buy services, develop referrals, and increase frequency of repeat sales as email blasts jog memories and keep the company front and center for decision makers.

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Link up Google Reviews to a Website

Pegasus Ventures Michigan encourages adding the reviews link to client websites to help grow the number of reviews. Google users often see the overall review score before seeing a website and growing reviews helps provide a more balanced view of the company.

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Get the code to place Google Calendar on a website

Getting the code to add Google Calendar to a small business website HTML code for Google CalendarĀ  Need an update for your website? Contact Pegasus Ventures Michigan for affordable, one price once a year website design with unlimited pages and updates through the...

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Time Management

Pegasus Ventures manages information andĀ  time really, really well. If a website promotion or event needs to start on a specific date, Pegasus Ventures just gets it done.

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