Webmaster’s Blog

So you’ve found the Pegasus Ventures website for the Scranton NEPA area. It just made good sense about 18 months into opening the office to get a blog going for local customers.

Craigslist on $5 a month

The first part of 2018 Craigslist began charging for ads in its Services section causing a seismic shift on the platform. Pegasus Ventures talks about the benefit of using Craigslist as part of your advertising

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Google My Business- Reviews

Answering reviews counts to show people your company stays involved on Google My Business, and in our experience people review more on Google than Facebook.

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Google Search and Maps- Explained

Most people know Google Search. Pretty easy concept, Google user searches for something and Google returns various websites in the results.We know the less obvious Google Maps, too, but although not associating  Google Maps as part of the job of search engine optimization and up to date website design.

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Google My Business- By the Numbers

Real numbers not only sharing a businesses progress on Google Search and Maps, Google My Business also provides insights into the performance of posts to the platform as well as, and importantly, the performance of images posted to Google Search and Maps by competitors in the market.

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Google My Business Announce Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours- Google My Business- Announce your hours for one holiday or schedule every holiday for the entire year on Google My Business letting Google users see this information on the holiday. Learn more now!

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Google My Business- Posts and Pictures

Starting a search on the web? Think how you start a search. In a Facebook app? Perhaps on Twitter? Maybe Instagram. Statistically 80% of the websites Pegasus Ventures builds and monitors the search begins on Google as opposed to all other sources combined.

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