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Fact: Common sense runs though successful social media

Thought out strategies leads to social media success; the boss knows their customers best. The planning reflects the company. The workflow is not confusing:common sense runs through social media workflows and is in the bosses’ wheelhouse. 

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Claim a business Facebook username and URL

Claim your business Facebook URL and Username Business Facebook URL/Username Claiming your Facebook username and URL Making it easier for Facebook users to share your business with friends and find you on Facebook With the Facebook URL and Username people easily find...

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Ignore Yelp? What are you talking about, Mr Web Guy?

Does Yelp really serve your restaurant or service business? Pegasus Ventures emphatically says no. Stay away from Yelp? Really? Should I link to Yelp? How about managing my Yelp listing, will it help my business? Will it get me to the top?Since starting...

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Smarter Advertising Online

Advice from a webmaster about advertising online Smart Online Advertising Online advertising and your small business   Consider online advertising for small business owners with the same critical eye as every other option   Often Pegasus Ventures Michigan website...

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Answer reviews

Responding to reviews helps in three ways, first, telling potential customers the small business owner takes customer feedback seriously, second, building good will with people reviewing the business and, third, discouraging bad actors.

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Do you own your website?

Often small businesses are surprised someone else owns their domain name, literally, registered in the name of a webmaster, do you control your website?

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The Social Media Manager

In just a few years, the term “social media manager” came into existence, changed and then changed again. Chances are it will continue to change as content marketing evolves in the digital space, but some things will remain the same. Learn more about employing a social media manager from Pegasus Ventures

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