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Using Facebook to generate loyalty and grow sales for your small business

A zero dollar cost effective tool promoting a small business, Facebook remains the king of social media for the small business owner to reach existing fans and customers as well as grabbing new people building a community around any business.

Pegasus Ventures Michigan loves to manage social media for clients, but also knows some prefer the do-it-yourself approach to Facebook and other social media tools.

This section of the Pegasus Ventures Michigan website focuses on helping the small business owner successfully use and manage business Facebook pages to generate sales.

Facebook is not advertising, Facebook is public relations

A  study from 2014 by Nielsen commissioned by inPowered on the role of content in the consumer decision-making process concluded that PR is almost 90% more effective than advertising: “On average, expert content lifted familiarity 88 percent more than branded content…” 

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Schedule Facebook Business Page posts

Do your Facebook posts months in advance Schedule Facebook Business Posts Getting ahead by scheduling business Facebook posts   For Facebook users spending hours on the platform daily it’s important that small business owners keep their Facebook Business page up...

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Claim a business Facebook username and URL

Claim your business Facebook URL and Username Business Facebook URL/Username Claiming your Facebook username and URL Making it easier for Facebook users to share your business with friends and find you on Facebook With the Facebook URL and Username people easily find...

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Answer reviews

Responding to reviews helps in three ways, first, telling potential customers the small business owner takes customer feedback seriously, second, building good will with people reviewing the business and, third, discouraging bad actors.

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The Social Media Manager

In just a few years, the term “social media manager” came into existence, changed and then changed again. Chances are it will continue to change as content marketing evolves in the digital space, but some things will remain the same. Learn more about employing a social media manager from Pegasus Ventures

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Facebook Messenger

Use Facebook Messenger so customers easily reach your small business from their phone, tablet, Desktop computer or other mobile device. Learn the value of Facebook Messenger and get step by step instructions to add this free tool to your website.

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Hash Tags

Hashtags direct social media users to specific category content on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Pegasus Ventures shares best practices to help small business cash in on hashtags

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Social Media- Getting started

Pegasus Ventures firmly believes in performance. For those of us owning small businesses frittering time  damages success more than any wasted dollar.

This series on Facebook and best practices in social shares the best most effective use of Facebook to drive top line sales.

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Facebook Rates Response Times

Pegasus Ventures Michigan blogs about Facebook Page’s response rate and response time measure how quickly and consistently you and other people who manage your Page respond to messages from users on Facebook. Did you know Facebook gives you a rating?

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Change in Facebook Reviews

In theory, Recommendations streamlines the process of leaving reviews and encourages customers to be specific and constructive whether their experience with a business was positive or negative. The move is also beneficial for businesses according to Facebook.

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