Image Library

Web Presence- The Image Library

In developing websites,  Pegasus Ventures Michigan knows there’s no such thing as too many images.

Pegasus Ventures mines existing client websites, Facebook pages, Google My Business images as well as online review sites in the process of building, rebuilding and maintaining client websites.

Pegasus Ventures Michigan changes out, adds and uses images in creating short YouTube video slideshows to build content on that platform, as well.

Impacting web presence and keeping websites fresh signals Google a small business always has more to say to visitors thus pushing up search results for companies choosing Pegasus Ventures for their website design firm.


Efficient Image Management

Web design customers of Pegasus Ventures Michigan hear a constant message, “Send images.”

Ideally web design clients snag a few images a day, post them to Google My Business, and social media.  Pegasus Ventures grabs those images for the library using the best images to update the website.

In an owner’s busy day pictures often score a low priority on the daily task list with images appearing in periodic bursts on Facebook rather than the preferred consistent stream. Pegasus Ventures uses the bursts making changes consistently updating websites.

Over the months and years reusing images contributes to freshening up website presentation making it fresh for visitors.

Image rich content drives more traffic while also giving the small business more to post on Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter and Instagram.



Youtube Videos

Google users see Youtube videos in Google Search results. One more way to push down competitors not in this space, making a Youtube video takes almost no time when tossing together a bunch of images. Get more bank by uploading videos to Google My Business, Youtube, and Facebook  as well as your small business’ website.

An image library built of dozens of images over time fosters the creation of videos and slideshows focusing on different areas of a small business.

Or go ahead and just wing it pointing a camera at someone and recording. A platform for amateurs Youtube users love real, raw and unscripted videos.

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