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Long time customer since 2008, Golden Pizza

Pegasus Ventures began in part building websites for pizzerias bringing some of the first online ordering to a number of local communities. Golden Pizza started their website in 2008 when new owners bought the 6 locations and Pegasus Ventures 's served up golden website design in 3 different iterations since 2008

Pegasus Ventures rebuilt the Golden Pizza website 4 times

Keeping up to date matters. Pegasus Ventures delivers free updates to ensure up to date websites for every customer. Frankly, Pegasus Ventures looks bad when our name appears on the bottom of a website not up to current standards. After the first build Pegasus Ventures updated the Golden Pizza website with a new look twice without the client needing to ask. Each time we presented Golden Pizza a new look they approved and we launched the new look immediately. Pegasus Ventures continues to add and improve on the site regularly ensuring Golden Pizza wins when it comes to competition in the markets they serve. Click or tap to learn about the one price fits you website and smart phone app design by Pegasus Ventures

A page for each Golden Pizza location

Pegasus Ventures knows Google displays pages inside a website. Web surfers near specific areas land on inside pages of the Golden Pizza website as Google directs them to the restaurant closest to their location rather than the website home page. For smaller businesses with a few locations we use this technique to pull even more traffic to the website by making a page for each location. Pegasus Ventures builds city specific pages for businesses serving many cities in their area with unique information on each city page.

NOW, manipulating Google fails. Building pages with content non-specific to a location or a city hurts websites. We build unique content into each page ensuring not short cuts. For service businesses who may serve dozens of communities Pegasus Ventures and the business often gradually build up the location pages ensuring unique content for each page.

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